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My mini museum - family special (theme #15)

Theme of the month : DIY

My mini Musée d'art de Joliette

- DIY is an acronym for Do It Yourself.

- DIY can be, among other things, a small tutorial to create useful or decorative objects that you can easily make at home.

- The MAJ invites you to create your own miniature exhibition!

- To do this, you will need a shoebox, paint, scissors, and glue.

- You will also need to print the 6-page PDF document right here, in colour, and front side only.

Acronym: It is a word made up of the initials of several words.

Tutorial: It's like a recipe. It explains, in writing or on video, all the steps to help you get the desired result.


- The curator selects the works to be exhibited. He or she determines the arrangement of the works.

- When creating an exhibition, one important thing to think about is how to showcase each of the works. To do this, you determine the colour of the walls, the type of hanging, and much more!

- Start by thinking about a theme. What do you want to talk about in your exhibition?

- Do you want to show the beauty and vastness of the Canadian landscape?

- Would you like to talk about the historical significance of certain characters?

- Would you prefer to show the difference between figurative and abstract works?

- Anything else? It's up to you!

Figurative art represents subjects or objects that are recognizable, whereas abstract art is made up of shapes and colours for their own sake.

Step 1: The works

- You chose a theme. Now you must decide which works you want to exhibit based on this theme.

- To do this, cut out the works on the next page and the wall labels associated with them. You can also use images from old magazines to complete your exhibition.

- On pages 1 and 2 of the PDF you have printed, there are also empty frames for you to paint or draw your own masterpieces.

- Why not make a small sculpture out of plasticine! Have fun with colours and textures! Would you like to make an abstract or figurative sculpture to go with your theme? You can also use a toy or an object that would be displayed in the exhibition like a giant sculpture.

Step 2: Walls and Floor

- What colour will enhance the works you have chosen and complement with your theme? In the past, historical art exhibitions had dark walls (such as forest green, navy, or burgundy), whereas today, the walls are mostly grey or white.

- Walls: Paint the inside walls of your shoebox with your favourite colour.

- Flooring: Pages 3 and 4 show patterns you can use for your flooring. Print and glue one of these images to the bottom of your shoebox to give the impression of a concrete, wood or ceramic floor. There are no limits to your imagination. You can even cover the bottom of your box with stones, flowers, or grass!

Step 3: Hanging

- Choose your type of hooking

"Salon" (from floor to ceiling) or "Gallery" (in a row)

- When you place artworks next to each other, make sure they fit together (for example: sharing a common colour, subject, or shape).

- Glue your artworks to the inside of your shoebox.

- Use the template on page 5 to create a plinth on which to place your plasticine sculpture. Use cardboard that is as strong as a cereal box to make it. Do the same thing to create a bench for your little visitors to sit and enjoy!

Step 4: Visitors

Why don't you put little visitors inside your box?! You can print on card stock, colour, and cut out the templates on page 6. Then fold the tab and stick it to the bottom of your box. You could even complete your work with small toys you have at home.

Step 5: Title

- Assign a title to your exhibition that will make people want to visit it.

- You can write it on your box with a felt-tip pencil or cut out each letter of the title from a magazine.

Step 6: Photos

- The very last thing to do is take a picture of your mini-museum and send it to us so that it can be part of the exhibition on this platform next month!

This activity was prepared by Ariane Cardinal, Curator of Education at the Musée d'art de Joliette.


You have until Monday, August 31, 2020 at noon to send us your creations inspired by the theme of the month.


Click here for more information.

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